Liteon Energy

Why Solar? Why Liteon?

Liteon Energy's efficiency solutions help you use more energy and save money

Clean Energy Council Installer

Liteon Energy supports the overall work of the Clean Energy Council in advocating for an effective policy and market framework for clean energy. Our installers are Clean Energy Council members and qualified electricians. You can view more at

Custom Designs for Your Home

Every home is different - shape, size and design. We acknowledge this and our energy consultants work with you to design a solar system that meets your architectural needs, financial goals and energy consumption rates. We can draft blueprints based on your electrical infrastructure and provide recommendations that will maximise savings without compromising the unique design of your home.

Reduce your electricity bill!

There's no better feeling than knowing that your utility bill's are going to be consistently low. With solar, and with Liteon Energy, we can achieve this for you. By upgrading your home to solar power you can benefit by using the sun to power up your home, and with the power you use you can offset your bill! Clean energy is good for everyone!

Savings Beyond Solar

Liteon Energy can also help reduce your energy bills while improving the efficiency, comfort and health of your home. By combining solar with energy efficiency, and looking holistically at your electrical use, Liteon Energy can help you save more money by using less energy. The first step to savings begins with an Energy Evaluation to diagnose the causes of high utility bills and energy loss. We will then help you with energy savings.

Why Choose Liteon Energy