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How Does A Home
Solar Power (Electricity) System Work?

Your rooftop mounted solar panels collect sunlight and then feeds this energy to a wall mounted grid solar inverter. The solar inverter then coverts this power into useable electricity which can be used internally within your household as well as sold to the power (electricity) grid.

Solar Panel Mount

The solar panels are mounted onto your roof via aluminium rails and hooking brackets. These are installed to the roof.

Wire Installations

Your panels are wired to a wall mounted grid tied inverter. This converts the DC electrical energy from the panels to 240V AC.

Solar Panel Charging

When the sun shines, your household power (electricity) usage is offset by the solar power system. This means free energy from the sun.

Electricity is Ready

Your system is connected to the power grid which Liteon Energy obtains authorisation for. Whatever energy you produce from the panels can offset your bill!

Save money by going solar. Any energy
that you produce can be used as an offset on your utility bill!

Our dedicated team is here to help you save money. Pay less for electricity today and your savings can grow over time as power rates continue to increase. Increasingly, homeowners nationwide choose Liteon Energy as their solar provider of choice. Liteon Energy will install your system for competitive rates - get a free quote today.

Everyday people make the switch to cleaner energy. Join the movement and contact us today. Help save the environment from emissions.

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