Liteon Energy

If there is one thing Australia is famous for, it’s the amount of sun we are lucky enough to receive every year. Much less exciting is the skyrocketing price of our energy bills. Luckily, the sun can be a solution to the expense. Those sensible enough to install solar systems in Kew can benefit from both a free and green source of energy. Liteon Energy specialise in supplying premium quality solar systems to Kew, ideal for those who want to help save the environment and money.


The environment has taken front and centre stage over recent years, dominating the political and scientific landscape of Australia. One of the results of this has been the growing realisation that we need to change to more sustainable energy sources. Solar power is one of the best alternatives to dirty traditional sources and a solar installation in Kew will help you capture all that unused energy from the sun.

In the case of solar power, clean and green also equals significant savings. Any homeowner in Melbourne knows the financial cost of electricity as well as they do the environmental. Liteon Energy will help you escape the cycle and spiral of bills with the installation of one of our solar systems in Kew or elsewhere in Melbourne. Once fitted you’ll enjoy a free energy source and a drastic reduction in your household expenses.

The advantages of switching to a Liteon Energy system are impossible to ignore and the process is simple. We take care of all the work from start to finish and will obtain all the necessary permits on your behalf. Just another reason to secure the best solar systems in Kew!

Kew, VIC 3101, is an eastern suburb of Melbourne with the Yarra River forming a natural border to the west and north. Kew has some stunning examples of architecture, including Raheen and Willsmere Estate. The suburb is also well known for its fine schools, among them Xavier College and Trinity Grammar School