Liteon Energy

Australia is famous for its long hot summers and the thousands of hours of sunshine we receive every year. Another notable aspect of Australian life is the high cost of energy bills that increase year after year. Fortunately, the solution to the second lies in the first. By installing solar systems in Preston, and elsewhere in Australia, anyone can take advantage of the sun and avoid the expensive bills. Liteon Energy is the premium supplier of solar systems to Preston and beyond, dedicated to helping you help yourself, and the environment.


As environmental issues become more and more prevalent with everypassing year, we are increasingly realising that change needs to begin at home. Fortunately, one of the best ways to help the environment is also one of the easiest and most effective. With a solar installation in Preston you can think globally while acting locally.

The other incentive for switching to solar systems in Preston is a financial one. Sunshine is free and we get plenty of it here in Melbourne, so it makes sense to utilise this natural, renewable resource. From the moment you implement a solar installation inPreston you’ll have a new, absolutely free energy source.

The benefits of solar installation in Preston are as obvious as they are significant and the process is easy. Liteon Energy takes care of all the permits and installation, leaving you feeling better about your impact on the environment and free to enjoy your energy savings.

Preston, VIC 3072, is a suburb in the north of Melbourne, bordered by Darebin Creek and under the local government administration of the City of Darebin. The suburb is notable as the home of the Preston Bullants Australian rules football club, the Preston Lions Football Club and the Northland Shopping Centre.