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The Solar Future Looks Bright

There have been some significant breakthroughs in solar energy of late and this has a range of organisations excited about the future for the greener, cheaper and sustainable energy sector. Innovations in battery technology and subsequent storage capabilities have independent reports stating that solar will be the dominant form of energy in the world by 2050. The findings confirm and build on what we at Liteon Energy have known for years and are just another reason to install solar systems in Preston, Kew and elsewhere in Melbourne.

In the past, storage has been one of the few limitations of solar systems. Batteries, which facilitate the storage of solar energy, however, have decreased in price by an average of 15% per annum over the last few years and this trend is set to continue according to the Deutsche Bank findings. Cheaper, more efficient batteries increase storage capacity and lead to a further reduction in the costs of solar systems in Preston, Kew and beyond. Australian researchers are currently exploring efficient and self-sufficient solar storage, which would allow homeowners to retain energy off the grid. This has great implications for areas prone to blackouts, natural disasters and for those who simply want cheaper, greener energy.

Batteries are not a prerequisite for solar installation in Preston or elsewhere, but the potential to add a battery at a later date to enable the storage of energy will be enticing to many homeowners. At present, solar systems are generally connected to the electricity grid – the panels giving owners inexpensive energy. As batteries become cheaper and more efficient, however, homeowners will become decreasingly dependent on the traditional, expensive utilities.

For those considering the installation of solar systems in Preston, the present and future benefits are clear. Installing solar systems in Preston or Kew reduce your bills from the outset and these savings will only increase in the coming years. After over a decade as the premier solar system installers in Melbourne, Liteon Energy have established a reputation for the quality of our products, our work and our customer service and enjoy nothing more than saving our customers money and, together, helping the environment.

Australia, with its great landmass and long hours of sunshine, is ideally placed to become a world leader in solar technology. Local scientists are certainly providing some of the greatest discoveries and developments in the field and the benefits for homeowners and the environment are becoming harder and harder to ignore. There has never been a better time to fit solar systems in Preston, Kew and elsewhere in Melbourne and Liteon Energy is your local specialist.

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